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We are delighted that so many of our clients are so willing to provide references, for information please contact us

I have most recently arrived back home in Calgary, Canada from my 2nd trip in the past

2 years from a Scottish Pheasant Shooting Adventure. As good as the trip was in

January 2012 Andrew Case of Case Sport has created a higher expectation of the

Scottish Pheasant Shooting experience. I am an avid Pheasant shooter for over

40 years and have shot through out the United States and Western Canada.

Through my trips to South Dakota I was introduced to Andrew where he was helping Guide hunts for Mike Kuchera, he invited me to try the Driven Pheasant Experience in Southern Scotland. I was pleasantly surprised by the challenging birds and the outstanding Estates.

The experience was not only shooting and dining but the expertise of Andrews’s team on the sporting clays @ Forrest Estates as a primer of better experiences to come. Taking that

training and applying that on live birds was outstanding. Not only his team expert

shooting coaches but they are a pleasure to enjoy before, during and after the shoot.

I would highly recommend Andrew Case of Case Sport as an adventure for the novice

and experienced Driven Pheasant and Partridge Shooters.

I will be traveling back in the future as this has become one of my favorite shooting

locations that allow me to have a complete adventure.

Doug Ramsay, Chief Executive Officer
Calfrac Well Services Ltd.



If you enjoy unique hunting experiences I would highly recommend adding

Pheasant hunting in Scotland to your bucket list. Hunts range from shooting pheasants on historic estates to partridge hunting over looking the Atlantic Ocean.

There is no shortage of action and plenty of birds to shoot at.

Andrew and his entertaining guides have a solid grasp of the service industry

and produce a first class adventure.   

Steve - Alberta, Canada



Driven Pheasant/Red leg Partridge in Kirkcudbright Dumfries and Galloway Scotland.

This was my first trip to Scotland and my first driven bird shoot in the British Isles. Expectations were high as we all had heard stories of the “Driven Pheasant Shooting” British style. One word, maybe several words. Outstanding, beyond any expectations.

Andrew and his crew provided first class service right from meeting us at the airport in Glasgow to getting us back to the Airport to fly back to Canada.

The first day was spent getting acclimated and fitted for a gun and some coaching on simulated high (Clay) flushes. Andrew manages a shooting school clay target facility in his spare time. He is incredibly busy. Saying that he left no stone unturned and was on top of organizing everything from the sporting clays shooting to local pub visits and most important the driven bird.

The first day Andrew as an extra organized a driven Woodcock walking shoot.

The group managed to shoot seven Eurasian Woodcock with several guns not getting one.

No complaints as it was a  marvelous outing enjoyed by one and all.

The third day we shot at MuteHill just outside of Kirkcudbright. One thing was quickly confirmed that we were with a first class operator due to the respect that the game keepers and owners had for Andrew. The shooting on this estate was wonderful, high birds,

tight shooting slots made you think.

The next day we were at the Logan Estate at Ardwell Bay by Stranaer with head keeper Alan Flynn. Again the hospitality and the respect given to Andrew and our group was heart warming. The shooting was spectacular for Pheasant and Red Leg Partridge.

The final day was at the Newlands Estate close to Dumfries. Great birds and hospitality.

Enjoyed chatting with the owner Mr. Andrew Duncan.

Again great hospitality to one and all by Mr. Duncan and his wife Eileen.

We spent the last day with Andrew taking us on a tour of Robbie Burns birthplace,

Scotch tasting and back to Glasgow.

Was there any negatives – yes. Not long enough – our fault.

Did not want come home – our fault again.

Several of us in the group have done may trips all over the globe, we all agreed what

really stood out with Andrews operation was; no nickel and dime-ing of one’s

pocketbook to death, one price no extra’s, the hospitality we received everywhere we went,

the quality of birds and challenge of shooting. The trips to the local pubs for

food and drink was a highlight with everyone.

I would recommend Andrew and his merry band of men without reservation.

Andrew was genuinely concern about our wants and needs throughout the trip.

He and his wife Sandra are very special people and I cannot thank them enough.

Andrew’s Merry Helpers included;  Barry, Martin. Mel and Neil. The moment someone was

having trouble on the pegs these fellows were there to help – but only if you wanted it.

They have great jokes and we had many laughs with the lads.

Should anyone desire to contact me for more information please do not hesitate to call 403-861-2667403-861-2667 or email;



In January 2014 I traveled to Scotland with 8 friends to shoot driven Pheasant and

Partridge with Andrew Case. This was the first trip for most of our group, in the grand tradition of the British driven shoot, and it was excellent! The shooting, the tradition,

the people, the dogs, the birds, the landscape, the estates, the hotel, the food (even the Haggis), the pubs – every aspect of the trip was above and beyond my expectations.

I very much look forward to shooting with Andrew and his team again, and again….

David Scott - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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