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Gun Hire, Permits and Insurance

For overseas visitors wishing to bring their own shotguns, 3 months lead time is required. For those wishing to travel without guns, Case Sport will supply appropriately.



Visitor Shotgun Permits (VSP's).

Personal details must be provided at least 8 weeks prior to arrival in the UK in order for us to obtain the relevant documentation on your behalf. Failure to do so may result in the necessary permits not being issued.


Details required: US and Canadian Clients

  • Name, residential address and date of birth

  • Telephone number and email address

  • Confirmation that you have not been committed of any offence including courts outside Great Britain

  • Details if you wish to purchase a shotgun or firearm whilst in Great Britain

  • A reference from a professional person confirming that you are fit and proper person to be in control of a firearm / shotgun:

    Please note:

  • appropriate forms will be issued to assist you with providing this information.

  • Semi Auto's and Pump Action shotguns are not permitted.

European Clients:

  • As above but excluding reference

  • Hard copy of your European Firearms Certificate

Bringing your own Shotgun / Firearm

It is possible for us to obtain the necessary permits to allow you to bring in your own firearms, however, we will require additional time to do so. It is therefore recommended that you notify us at least 12 weeks prior to arrival. The following additional information is required: 


  1. Caliber, bore or gauge of shotgun

  2. Makers name and model

  3. Type and action i.e. Over and Under or Side by Side (No semi auto's)

  4. Serial / Identification Number


Please Note: Clients bringing their own shot guns will be solely responsible to notify the appropriate airlines regarding the shipping of their guns. Please ensure airlines are notified at the time of booking or at least 8 weeks prior to travel.



Case Sport will provide, as part of your itinerary, £10m Third Party Liability Insurance. It is entirely the responsibility of each individual person to obtain suitable travel insurance.

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